Aster Gold


Sustainable design doesn’t have to be boring! The Aster Gold cork planter has been given a make-over using gold accents to create a stunning effect while perfectly highlighting the beauty of your plants.


The handmade nature of the design means that no two cork planters are exactly the same. This unique planter would make an amazing gift for friends and family with a taste for the finer things in life! Ageing like a fine leather jacket, but without the need to harm any animals, it is easy to see why high-end publications such as Stylist, Country Homes and House Beautiful adore the Aster Gold cork planter.



Exterior: 115(d) x 80(h) mm apprx.
Interior : 85(d) x 70(h) mm apprx.


UK: £4.95, normally dispatched within 5 working days of order.
International: from £8.00, more info here.

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The Aster Gold cork planter is a handcrafted item, there may be small variations in colour, grain and size. This planter does not have a drainage hole.


Can I plant directly in the cork planter?

It is possible, if you’re a green fingered pro 🙂
Because this planter doesn’t have drainage holes, the best thing is to place the little pot that came with your plant, inside the cork planter.  This way, you can take advantage of the pot’s drainage holes that allow excess water to seep out after watering, and help protect your plant’s roots from rot.


What’s the best way to water my plant?

A smart little tip is lining the bottom of the planter with kitchen foil.  It acts as a lightweight DIY saucer and it comes in especially handy for hanging planters.

Water thirsty plants

A water bath is the way to go. Plants love it!

Place the plant (with inner pot) in a sink or container for an hour or so, once the soil is nicely saturated with water, place the plant back in the cork planter, making sure no more water is seeping through the bottom.

Cacti and succulents

As long as you have lined the cork planter with kitchen foil, you can water it from the top. For these types of plants, a little bit of water goes a long way. You want to ensure that you water sparingly and slowly, so the water gets evenly distributed through the soil without pooling at the bottom.


How does water affect my Aster Gold cork planter?

Cork is a breathable and porous material, any water left at the bottom of the planter can seep through the walls and leave watermarks on the outside.

This won’t damage the planter and I personally love the unique and characterful markings, like aged terracotta pots.  If you prefer the pristine look, simply make sure there is no leftover water at the base of the planter.

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