Wacky Lego Face Masks

Super Sharp Style – Rocking the Lego Look

We’re into the Three R’s here at Mind the Cork – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is very much our credo, but while there’s a will there’s not always a way and certain items present more of a green challenge.

Lego, in theory, can be recycled, but finding a place that will take it can be a trial. Reusing it, however, is a very real option.

There are a hundred and one interesting things you can do with old Lego bricks once your kids have outgrown them.

A lovely mirror frame… Or a clever repair job.

lego mirror frame
lego repair job

A piece of wall art… Or furniture restoration.

lego wall covering

Or even an original work surface, although it might not be the easiest thing to clean!

At the Autumn/Winter 2015 Menswear London Fashion Week show, designers Agi & Sam went one step further, using Lego to create wearable art.

From faux facial hair… To imitation bondage masks…

lego beard
lego imitation bondage mask

The creative collection broke away from the traditional interlocking brickwork formation loved by Lego fans everywhere, and instead used Velcro to create “spilling” conglomerations, designed to give the impression of organic growth.

So, if you’re a little bit bored and feel like giving your children nightmares this weekend, how about spending some time making your own freaky fashion?

Go on; you know you want to!


Source: www.ecouterre.com


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