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Quality craftsmanship, innovation and sustainable design are at the heart of what we do at Mind the Cork.

Mind the Cork was founded in 2013 by designer Jenny Espirito Santo, who’s inspired by the natural value of materials and the sense of history and heritage they embody.

With gorgeously crafted interior and lifestyle accessories, Mind the Cork combines bold and original design with fairtrade sustainable materials to create contemporary luxury with an environmental and social conscience.

mindthecork_cork side table
mindthecork_cork bark
mindthecork_jenny sewing cork leather

Rendered in sumptuous rich colours as well as natural cork, the tactile cork leather cushions have hidden depths, as the naturally impermeable fabric makes them perfect for use indoors and out.

More recently we have turned our attention back to our first love – cork composite – and are working on some very exciting projects including the recently launched cork vessels and small furniture pieces.

mindthecork_cork pots

All our products are made with natural cork sourced from Portugal; and handmade in our studio or with the help of small but great manufacturers here in the UK.

We are based at Cockpit Arts in the heart of London, if you’d like to get in touch to view our current collection or to chat about a bespoke project you have in mind, drop us a line on hello@mindthecork.co.uk.


We’d love to hear from you!

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