Death Pods – Creating Your Own ‘Tree of Life’


Design is generally all about living – making life better; fuller; prettier. But as we all know, the only guarantees in life are death and taxes, so this week we’re looking at something taboo – coffins!

Gosh, did you blanch just then?

No one likes to talk about death, but it’s such a ridiculous attitude. We all need to plan for it, so why not make the way you’re buried reflect the way that you’ve lived? If you’re one (like us) with a natural bent, then Capsula Mundi might appeal.

The idea is that when we shuffle off our various mortal coils we give ourselves back to the earth – not dressed in coffins deigned to keep nature out, but rather to invite it in.

Capsula Mundi have patented the idea of ‘burial pods’; egg-shaped coffins created from starch plastic. The corpse can be laid in a foetal position, sealed in and buried deep, with a tree of their choosing planted on top. Friends and family can then tend the tree, as a living monument to their loved one.

Starch plastic is entirely biodegradable, the egg-shaped coffin takes up minimal space, while the trees find all the nutrients they need from your… erm… corpsified form, absorbing carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses while releasing oxygen and providing a home for wildlife.

This, for us, is what real happy endings are made of!

Photography: Capsula Mundi


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